K9Biotics contains Probiotics, Milk Thistle, Quercitin and so much more for your allergy dogs. 5oz

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Do you add a multitude of powders into your dog's pet food bowl daily? K9Biotics provides your dog with a broad spectrum probiotic and enzyme supplement in addition to a multitude of additional key ingredients  to help boost and support your dog's immune system.
K9Biotics contains 40+ antioxidant rich super foods, extracts and concentrates, including organic super greens,  probiotics,  phytonutrients, organic fruits and vegetables, soluble fiber, natural flavonoids and digestive enzymes.
K9Biotics provides a NON GMO, low fat, low sodium addition to your pet's diet! Our pet supplement is grain free, gluten free, corn free, soy free and MSG Free. We love that there is No Artificial Color and No Preservatives in our product.
Our pet supplement does not contain any chemicals like maltodextrin! Let K9Biotics make the difference in your dogs life. K9Biotics is your all in one solution!