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    Why does your pet need K9Biotics?

    Our product naturally maintains the balance in your pet’s immune system. The benefits with k9Biotics are similar to using an immune support for your dog, but without the negative effects that come with medicine. K9Biotics has a full spectrum of ingredients which offer your dog the support he needs for his peak health and performance throughout his life, reducing your pet health costs! 

    K9Biotics provides your pets with the benefits of the grasses, fruits, and plant material their wild counterparts get from eating their herbivore prey. Prevention is the key to our pets developing “human” health problems! Pets require more than just processed foods in their daily diets.

    Maintaining your dog's skin & coat, joints, cardiovascular system, immune system, digestive system, nervous system, urinary system, endocrine system will allow for a long and healthy life. Even the best canned and dry foods can lose most of their nutrients during the processing stage which will leave them with only “adequate” amounts of nutrition.  Even home cooked foods and raw diets can lack essential vitamins and minerals. “Adequate” isn't sufficient for optimal health! Dogs often need extra support for the innumerable effects of stress, illness, aging, medications, environmental toxins and especially vaccinations. 

    The Down to Earth Nature of Greens
    Greens are super foods that are rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes and other essential nutrients. They assist the body in detoxification, and in healing and repairing tissues. They not only contain a wide array of amino acids in an easy to assimilate form but  help create a less acidic internal environment, and help the body in becoming more pH alkaline balanced. Thus, preventing urinary and bladder issues in your pets.They also provide enzymes that help with digestion, and help provide oxygen to cells.

    What is the key to the nourishing quality of Greens?
    Chlorophyll! Greens get their color from their high chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll is a natural cleanser and is often referred to as nature's remedy! Natural chlorophyll from plants may help reverse a wide array of health disorders affecting many organs, including the skin, intestines, and liver, as well as helping to normalize cardiovascular functions, and helping the body overcome obesity and diabetes.

    Nothing like Berries! Cranberry! Blueberry! Raspberry!
    Berries in many forms contribute the same benefits as greens when they’re ripe, but berries earn a an award as top greens in our Holistic K9Biotics formula. Berries are among the fruits highest in antioxidant content. They are rich suppliers of several phytochemicals that are believed to help maintain cellular health. All berries are an excellent source of vitamin C, and their plant leaves carry health benefits as well.

    Super Greens - Broccoli, Spinach & Kale
    Our mother's got it right in encouraging us all to eat these greens – they’re rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and many phytochemicals. Research has demonstrated strong antioxidant and cellular health maintenance properties of cruciferous veggies like broccoli,kale and spinach. Spinach is loaded with antioxidants, Vitamins A & C and calcium, and has the same health protective properties as the other greens on our dinner table.

    Plant Enzymes – Papain & Bromelain
    Rounding out our Greens formula are two amazing greens, papain and bromelain, Proterozoic enzymes found in papaya and pineapple. These botanical extracts help the body with digestion and help break down protein into amino acids for use in repairing tissues and maintaining the body. These healthy enzymes are known to ease digestive discomfort and are also believed to support the inflammatory responses throughout the body. Probiotics are often used to help occasional diarrhea, gas and foul smelling poops and are essential for dogs that are on a prescription or are receiving antibiotics for another issue. Good flora equal healthy dogs and better assimilation of the foods they are eating on a daily basis. Probiotics are often used to help occasional diarrhea, flatulence, bad breath, and foul smelling stools are absolutely essential for any animal receiving antibiotics or any other prescription drugs that deplete intestinal microflora.

    Why does my dog need "living enzymes" in Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens? Living enzymes remove toxins from the body, starting at the cellular level. When cells are healthy, vital, and clean, better health naturally follows. This is why we expect less seizure activity and faster recovery after events. Living enzymes add key nutritional benefits needed to cleanse toxins and free radicals from soft tissues to maintain the normal healthy functioning immune system. The results are less inflammation, less allergies, less responses and faster turn around when subjected to illnesses.The best of foods have their "living enzymes" destroyed by heat and processing. All living beings require "live" food sources in order to maintain proper cellular function on a daily basis. Enzymes are the key to good nutrition!


    Why does my dog need Milk Thistle? Milk thistle has a long history of use for a variety of health issues, but it is most known and used for it's effectiveness in maintaining and supporting the liver. Milk thistle's sylmarin component is a powerful antioxidant and maintains liver cell resistance to toxins, while at the same time supporting strong cellular reproduction. 


    Does your dog eat grass?
    Dogs can suffer with digestive upsets which are usually are not a major cause for concern – it’s a rare dog that has never had an episode of vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, or indigestion associated with normal environmental issues or dietary indiscretion. But if problems like these are more common with your pet, there’s a good chance that their digestive system is having an issue and could use some help.

    Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens provides gastrointestinal support to dogs, aids in digestion with a unique combination of probiotics and enzymes. This formula is perfect for animals with poor digestion, food allergies, or bowel concerns.

    What is in Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens that will help my dog with skin issues and allergies?Quercetin – This powerful Bio Flavonoid supports the body's normal inflammatory response and also provides antioxidant properties. Research with Quercetin indicates it is helpful in supporting against stomach irritations, due to its ability to maintain a healthy stomach.

    Why is there Resveratrol in Holistic Pet Cuisine GreensResveratrol is the first compound to consistently support the overall health of several very different animal groups.

    Can I give Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens to Puppies? You can start your puppies at 6 months of age.

    Can I use a multivitamin with K9Biotics?Our philosophy is the following "if you pet is on a proper balanced diet of wholesome and nutritious ingredients and the addition of K9Biotics then a multivitamin is not needed." 

    Do I need to refrigerate K9Biotics? K9Biotics can be kept at a cool room temperature. 


    How do I serve K9Biotics? K9Biotics Powder Supplement is a highly palatable and delicious powder that can be sprinkled right on your dog's food.


    Need to Return Something?
    Give our Greens Coach a call at 1-561-241-9151. We are happy to provide you with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and instructions for returning your supplement. Please give it a try over the course of two weeks before you make a decision to return. Our product works. Your pets will prove that to you.

    Need to speak with the Holistic Pet Cuisine Coach?Please don't hesitate to call our Greens Coach between the hours of 9:00 AM-6:00 PM Monday through Friday. We are also available through email 24 hours a day at