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Dr. Anja Gabriela Kordon--Animal Health Oasis-Naples

Dr. Anja Gabriela Kordon was born and raised in Southern Germany in a town between Munich and Stuttgart with a population of 50,000 people. While growing up, she attended a private school where she was introduced to a philosophy centering on natural ways of living.

Initial Veterinary Experience and Practice

After graduating from Veterinary school in Munich, Germany in 1995, Dr. Kordon worked with exotic animals, fish and swine and volunteered at the Zoo in Stuttgart. Living in Germany, she was employed in traditional animal hospitals providing care to animals ranging from domestic cats, dogs and other pets to medium and large farm and zoo animals. Her work experiences included surgery, orthopedics, soft tissue, cancer treatment, physical exams and all aspects of traditional veterinary care.

After coming to the US in 1999 and moving to Florida in 2000, Dr. Kordon completed another certification to meet licensure requirements which allowed her to practice as a veterinarian in the US. Her initial experiences included working in hospitals for the care of small animals in Cape Coral and Hollywood, Florida. In 2002, she went to work in an exotic animal clinic in Fort Myers.

Transitioning from Traditional to a Holistic Veterinary Practice

Dr. Kordon was greatly troubled by her observation that most animals treated with traditional methods including vaccines, drugs, processed diets and surgery without regard for elimination of environmental toxins, did not fully recover or achieve a maximum state of wellness. From domestic house pets, farm animals to equestrian race horses, animals treated with traditional methods were more likely to experience chronic disease and an overall decline in health.

While working with exotic animals where treatment information was limited, Dr. Kordon observed that animals in their natural habitat in contact with the earth, eating a natural diet and not exposed to environmental toxins, responded quite well to natural remedies and treatments. Dr. Kordon knew that practicing in a traditional veterinary setting would never allow her to focus on prevention and offer treatment methods for producing optimum wellness. The only answer was to establish her own holistic healing practice for cats, dogs, birds, exotic pets, horses and farm and exotic animals.

The Beginning of Animal Health Oasis

Despite her training in conventional veterinary practices, Dr. Kordon’s passion and commitment to alternative healing was the catalyst for creating Animal Health Oasis in 2004, her own veterinary practice in Florida. Started as a house call practice in Bonita Springs, she moved the clinic to Naples in 2007 where it is currently located.

Among healing modalities offered at Animal Health Oasis include Bioresonance therapy with the Bicom 2000, pet nutritional supplements; homeopathic, herbal and Bach Flower Remedies; nutrition; prolotherapy chronic pain treatment; Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM); Rejuvenation Energy Wellness and EMF Protection Geobiological consultation. Through education and prevention in her veterinary practice, Dr. Kordon incorporates holistic wellness strategies designed to restore and maintain optimum health in pets.

Success through Committed Partnership with Pet Owners

Although Dr. Kordon can facilitate optimum healing and wellness for pets, results depend upon a committed partnership between her and the pet owner. Since Dr. Kordon is always on a quest to achieve even better results by incorporating current trends, research and methods based on successful holistic veterinary care experiences, she encourages pet owners to come in for elective maintenance visits besides seeking treatment for pet illness and injury alone.

Education, Training and Memberships

Member of AHVMA – American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Receives ongoing education at seminars and conferences in Germany and the US related to homeopathy, homotoxicology, acupuncture, chiropractic, herbology and Bicom

Clinical Training Includes:

  • Bicom training – trained in Germany and Austria multiple times and is part of the training team for other veterinarians
  • Classical homeopathy
  • Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM)
  • Prolotherapy Chronic Pain Treatment – injections in the joints that repair damaged ligaments and tendons
  • Expert in Geobiological consultations (EMF Protection)

Going Beyond Pets to Helping Their Owners

Dr. Kordon’s interest in health expands beyond the treatment of pets, farm and zoo animals. She educates pet owners to help them also achieve optimum wellness.


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