Maltese with wonderful results on this broad spectrum product from Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens


Recently, we started our Maltese on your wonder new product, Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens. Finally, there is a holistic , broad spectrum product for our pets that focuses on antioxidant protection, allergy control and optimum GI function to name a few.

We have noticed some major changes with our little guy.

(1) He is much more active and has a spring in his step at 9 years old.

(2) His fur is fuller and has a silky like quality now

(3) The skin on his belly is so soft now

(4) His eyes are not watering like they used and this is a big change with his allergies

(5) His stools have also improved all around with just about perfect formation

I highly recommend this product and I can tell you that my little guy is thankful now!


Boca Raton  ,

March 2017