Does your dog have the proper living enzymes and whole foods in their daily diets?


If you have a puppy, senior or an adult dog, they must have a daily source of living enzymes in their diets. If your dog is on a dry food diet then they are not getting living enzymes anywhere in their food source. Dry food diets are cooked at high tempertures which deplete any living enzymes that might have been in their foods.

What are living enzymes for? Here are some of the many benefits of enzymes:

Living enzymes support the immune system, help to reduce major food sensitivities and reduce occasional bloating, heartburn and constipation. In addition to digestive issues it supports healthy gums and teeth. I 

Digestive enzymes work in the INTESTINES AND THE STOMACH to break down the food your pet eats on a daily basis.

There are four basic digestive enzymes and they are Protease which helps break down and digest the protein from their food source. Amylase which helps break down and help to digest carbohydrates and starches in their dry and canned dog foods as well as their veterinarian diets. Lipase which helps to  break down and digest the fat from their dry and canned dog foods and Cellulase which helps to break down fiber in their intestines.

It is a fact that feeding your pet supplemental enzymes such as Holistic Pet Cuisine Greens will not only boost your dog's digestion, but will also improved cellular function throughout their bodies. Let's take the stress of your pet's bodies to naturally produce enzymes and allow for their systems to come alive!  


Our whole food supplement provides your dogs with antioxidants that food alone won't provide.

Proof is in the results as stated below...80% of the nutrients are absorbed in your dog's digestive tract and without living enzymes your dog can not survive an illness or a medical event.Leslie Levin wrote us to let us know of her positive results.

"I am writing to let everyone know what an incredible product holistic pet cuisine Greens are! My little 7 pound Chihuahua had an infected ulcer in her eye filled with bacteria. She was on five different antibiotics and drops at the same time. The vets at Penn Hospital were concerned whether or not she has a sensitive stomach because everything might give her loose stools, then some of the medications would have to be discontinued. I was worried as well because she has an extremely sensitive stomach. I called Barbara at holistic pet cuisine to ask her what she recommends and she recommended her product Greens I started giving it to Isabella twice a day Its been two weeks and she has been able to continue all her medicines and not one incident of loose stools. This product really has helped her stomach and the medications have helped her heal I'm going to continue using Greens forever! I can't thank Barbara enough!"


Dear Barbara
"We have been a customer of yours for many years. Our newest family member, Jewel, a Bichon/Shih tzu mix, had constant drainage from her right eye which was very unsightly and always moist. Unfortunately, we never took pictures with the drainage to show before and after . We were told by our vet and others that there was nothing that would help. When you told us about the GREENS, we were skeptical. After 7-10 days, we started to see improvement. Now, she has beautiful clear eyes as you can see by the picture.
Thanks for all your help "
Sandy and Frieda, and of course, Jewel